02/20/17 - 2016 Judging completed

Visit the 2016 page to view the results and download the entries. A huge thank-you to everyone who entered and helped out with this competition.

While the official judging is finished and winnings shall be distributed, there is still a lot of work to be done. As always, this competition aims to be self funded through the manufacture of a multicart. The first cartridge has since been discontinued. The 2014 cartridge "Action 53 Volume 2" is still available, however this may be temporary. We will now be working towards creating the 2016 multicart, and unlike previous years, we already have a lot of content. From what I hear, there may be some fancy new hardware for the upcoming release. What this means, is that if you have anything that you wanted to contribute to Category 2 that you were hoping to get added to the multicart you should probably submit it sooner than later.


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