04/4/14 - Thank you everyone!

Congrats to all the winners and competitors. We couldn't do it without you. Special thanks to the judges, and especially Paul from InfiniteNESLives who has really pushed this contest to what it is today. We can't be more pleased with the turnout for this years competition, but I'll admit I was a bit worried about the short time frame. There were quite a few people who were not able to finish their submissions before the deadline, and you may be pleased to know that in the future we will be significantly extending the time period. More on that later...

Have no fear, there are still a lot of good things to come, and don't stop working on your project just yet. Remember, we will still take app submissions, and anything else for Category 3 which may still be eligible for a free copy of the multi-cart once it is produced. We want to make this years multi-cart better than ever and only YOU can make that happen!

Happy coding!

04/2/14 - View and download the entries...

Results will be posted soon, enjoy this years entries in the meantime!


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